Copper Tuyers for Blast Furnace

Copper Tuyers is one of the most vital component in the Blast Furnace. As the size of the furnace grew, so did the requirement of the Tuyers increased leading to critical designer modification and more challenges for the manufacturers.

From single chamber Tuyers in early years with limited life cycle and unpredictable failure patterns leading to more down time and maintenance cost emerged technologies which incorporated preferential nose/tip cooling and hard facing of the tuyers/notch which producing inside the furnace.

All these designs were to ensure predictability of the performance and longer life cycles.

We at Cast Profiles has the expertise of on foundry technology of 25 years and Mr. Ravinder Singh Gill the CEO has the advantage of hand expertise and experience in manufacturing of copper cooling members of Blast Furnace.

Today as India is responding to the concept of “AATAM NIRBAR BHARAAT” of our Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modijee. We are also a responsible citizen of India needs to play our role.

Hence as a import substitute for the copper Tuyers we offer our services to you and wish to develop these products as per your design and drawings.

To initiate the our process may we request your office to issue your RFQ.

For an Atam nirbhar bharat

Who we Are ?

We are an ISO certified foundry wherein we undertake castings relating to Copper & Steel and its various alloys. This foundry was established in 1995 and today has one of the most modern foundry equipments from Electric Induction Furnaces, Automated sand systems, Heat treatment furnaces, on line chemical testing facilities with photo spectrometer and well equipped Physical & Metallographic testing labs.

Technical Skills:

Cast Profiles was started by Mr. Ravinder Singh Gill, a Mechanical Engineer from NIT,Allahabad who in his initial years joined Rourkela Steel Plant but subsequently decided to pursue his career as an Entrepreneur and started a partnership firm by the name of M/s. Almech Industries where in Copper Tueyers, Intermediate Coolers, Main Coolers, Monkeys Including copper cooling plates were manufactured for all the Steel Plant of SAIL and Vizak Steel Plant during the period from 1985 till 2004.. Almech Industries was predominately involved in supply of Copper Cooling Plates for up gradation of Blast Furnace- 4 in RSP with Hoogovan technology and Copper Tueyers and cooler for Blast Furnace-3 of Durgapur Steel Plant under TPE group of Russia. While supplying these critical components for Blast Furnace, his training and working with Rourkela Steel Plant , regular interaction with the shop floor engineers and designers like CET,MECON and Hoogovens proved to be very helpful.

Absence from the scene:

In 2004, the production of Copper Tuyeres was stopped because of some differences among the promoters of Almech Industries and the firm was closed and dissolved.

Once Again:

Mr Gill has once again started the manufacturing of Copper Tueyers at M/s. Cast Profiles Pvt Ltd, this time with much more experience and latest technology.


The oil fired furnaces were replaced by Electrical Induction Furnaces, wet chemical analysis has given way to on line photo spectrometer, Physical labs, Microscopes, X-Ray etc.


Once again, we are approaching all the big and small blast furnaces to serve needs of Single Chamber Copper Tueyers , preferential nose Cooling Tueyers with/without nose hard facing, Cooling plates and main Coolers, we are there to take up any technical challenges which would solve your problems in blast furnaces.

Looking forward to serve.

Heat Transfer Analysis of Blast Furnace Tuyere through CFD Simulation

Tuyeres For Blast Furnace

Tuyere And Tuyere Cooler

Bustle Pipe

Bustle Pipe