Manufacturing Facilities

Capacity 5000 MT / Year
Single Piece Wt. 2500 Kgs.
Products Ductile Iron Castings.
Austempered Ductile Iron Castings.
Plain Carbon Steel Castings.
Low alloy Steel Castings.
High Mn-Steel Castings.
High Tensile Steel Castings.
Melting Division Dual Track Induction Furance 650 KW
1500/1500 Kgs
Inductotherm Induction
Melting Furnace
350 KW
1000/750 Kgs
Inductotherm Induction
Melting Furnace
250 KW
500/500 Kgs
Moulding Division Process CO 2 sand system
Moulding & Core Making Floor Moulding
Equipment Fully automated sand reclamation plant
Sand Used High Silica, Quartz, Olivine
Floor Area 25,000 Sq Ft.
Overhead Cranes 3 x 7.5 MT OH cranes
Finishing Division Floor Area 13,000 Sq. Ft.
Heat Treatment
(Grooved Hearth)
1 x 6.5 MT / Batch
1 x 30 MT/ Batch
Heat Treatment Furnace
(Oil Fired)
1. Annealing
2. Normalising
3. Hardening
4. Tempering
Electrical Heating Furnace 1. Hardening.
2. Tempering.
Furnace Size (Effective) 2200 X 1800 X1500 MM
3500 X 3500 X3000 MM
Fuel Furnace Oil
Controls Six Point Temperature Recorder, Optical Pyrometer Monitoring
Hydraulic Press 2x500 MT
Quenching Tanks Fully Mechanized.
  • Water Quenching
  • Oil Quenching
  • Mist Quenching
  • Salt Solution Quenching
Other Equipments Shot Blasting Machine
Sand Blasting Machine
Swing Grinders
Hand Grinders
Welding Rectifiers
Overhead Crane 1 x 5 MT OH Crane
1 x 5 MT OH Crane
1 x 7.5 MT OH Crane
Machine Shop Complete integration has been done by setting up a fully equipped CNC Machine Shop having HMC, VTL, VMC & CMM.
Sand & Mould Testing - Green Compressive Strength & Dry Compressive Strength
- Moisture, Clay Percentage
- Sheave Analysis
- Permeability, Flowability & Compatibility
- Shatter Index, UTS, Shear Strength, Mould & Core Hardness
- Reclaim Sand Processor
Physical - Universal Testing Machine
- Impact Testing Machine
- Hardness Testing Machine
- Portable Digital Hardness Testing Machine
Chemical - On-Line testing facility through Spectrometer
Metallographic - Microscope with digital imaging and software analysis.
Non-Destructive - Ultrasonic Testing Machine
- Dye Penetration Testing.
- Magnet Particle Testing Machine.(Megnaflux)
- Radiographic Testing (Approved agency of B.A.R.C.)
Accreditation - ISO-9001:2015 CERTIFIED AGENCY: KVQA, NORWAY
- RDSO Class - A Certified Foundry by Indian Railways.